We acknowledge that running Rumour has an impact on the environment. The most significant impacts are through energy use, water use and the waste we create. We agree that setting up an Environmental Management System will improve the efficiency of the business leading to cost savings, reductions in risk and our environmental impacts.

The Environmental Management System will be implemented and maintained by an energy manager with various responsibilities given to delegated staff members (from the bar staff and kitchen staff), making up the ‘environment team.’ Most of these responsibilities are already relevant to Rumour as it becomes more organised in identifying where there are inefficiencies and needless cost.

Incorporated into our staff training is information regarding all our policies and due diligences. Having this Environmental Management System in place will help Rumour improve its image with key customer bases and make Rumour open to more marketing opportunities, as well as saving money and updating the procedures used to run it.

What we have done...

  • Electrical equipment switched off at end of night FOH where possible - Reduces our energy costs.
  • All  fridges on a 6 monthly service contract, so increased efficiency.
  • Kitchen fridges have ‘E-cubes’ installed  
  • LED light above the bar.
  • Lights on timers in the toilets
  • Smaller cisterns, and urinals that only flush every 8 hours
  • COSHH training yearly- minimising overuse of chemicals.
  • Vents on fridges cleaned, dusted weekly.
  • Recycling of: Paper, card, tetra, foil, tin, plastic, glass;other things returned to suppliers such as wooden crates for veg, plastic tubs, water bottles.
  • FOOD WASTE recycled since may 2011